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​Marble and metal maintenance New York City
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Every detail is addressed. Any smudge marks after restoring these exterior granite slabs are being carefully removed.
These bronze doors have suffered years of neglect. Encrusted with dirt, grease and grime they have been deeply tarnished and discolored from the effects of the harsh elements.
The same bronze doors after intensive restoration and sealing. We have removed years of wear and restored the original yellow/gold tone and satin finish to this precious metal.
​This neglected marble floor and grout is encrusted with dirt, grease and grime. It is also suffering the effects of improper in-house maintenance
​Another section of this neglected marble floor.
​A view of the restoration process. In addition to masking the surrounding areas, we utilize a guard around the base of the machine to control the slurry during the grout cleaning and wet honing (sanding) process.
​This marble floor is undergoing follow up maintenance. It has been lightly honed and is ready for polishing and sealing.
​The same marble floor after polishing and sealing. Notice the deep shine and reflection of the lights from the ceiling above.
​Marble, metal and wood restoration and repair New York City
​When masking, we take into account the sensitivity of the surfaces we are protecting. Due care is always exercised to insure our masking materials will not harm the integrity of the surfaces and finishes we are protecting.
​To ensure no damage to the surrounding areas, we carefully protect all adjacent walls, floors and other structures prior to commencing the restoration.
​White porcelain tile floor before restoration, re-grouting and sealing.
​White porcelain tile floor after restoration, re-grouting and sealing.
​Wood Restoration
​The wood panel on the exterior side of this door is weather beaten. Our technician is preparing the surface for staining and sealing.
​The same wood panel after sanding, staining and applying urethane for exterior wood surfaces.
​All corners and edges are addressed. No detail goes undone.
​Gaps have developed at the base of this panel. Without caulking, moisture could seep in and cause irreparable damage.
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Marble floor after intensive grout cleaning, restoration and sealing.
Another view of the same floor. 
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